We’ve been intrigued with a rather prescient thriller entitled Drugs to Forget, from Martin Granger which arrives on 4th of June 2018 from Red Door Publishing. Shots are always intrigued with interesting new thriller fiction, so we were delighted when Martin gave us a little insight at what follows in Drugs to Forget.

You would think that you wouldn’t need any lights when filming in sun soaked Africa. In fact, quite the opposite is true. One can light a windowless room with a candle but when you compete with the sun you need kilowatts of power. This was the situation we found ourselves in when filming a village hospital in the middle of the day. The African electrician shrugged his shoulders. Not enough power from the mains to light our biggest lamps. There are some disadvantages in filming in developing areas but every cloud has a silver lining. The hospital doctor was friends with the local power company. The local power company being Tanaka, an elderly man who looked after the small electrical sub-station on the hill.

‘I’ll wind up the voltage,’ he said, ‘We leave it low so there’s more to go around.’ He looked at his watch, it was lunchtime. ‘I’ll also cycle around the village to tell them all to stop cooking.’