When the Southern Mariner, a huge cargo ship, is hijacked in the Far East, young TV journalist Nathalie Thompson is sent to investigate the story behind the theft. Joining forces with Philippine coastguard Peter Ramos, she embarks on an exciting quest that plunges them headfirst into the dark and dangerous world of piracy.

But, when another thousand tonne freighter with its million-dollar cargo disappears and its American captain is killed, events start to spiral out of control. Together, Nathalie and Peter must find the courage to confront a force on the high seas that stands above the law, and escape from a violent world of guns, corruption and cold-blooded murder.


When Nathalie Thompson’s cameraman doesn’t show at the airport alarm bells start to ring. But, with a TV commission on the table and a job to do, she sets off across the world to make a documentary on ocean energy and its positive effects on climate change. As the camera rolls Nathalie’s worst nightmares slowly unfold; accidents happen, drilling rigs sink and marine structures are mysteriously damaged.

At the same time a US senator, involved in a controversial new law concerning ownership of the seas, is caught in a sordid sex scandal. With rumours of bribery and corruption at every turn there s more to her film footage than shale fracking and ocean engineering. In her quest to uncover the truth, Nathalie is in for a nasty surprise as she finds herself embroiled in a dangerous world of conspiracy, mayhem and sabotage.


When film director Nathalie Thompson is commissioned to make a programme on bioterrorism, a sudden Ebola outbreak takes her on a dangerous detour to Central Africa. Posing as a Western activist and campaigner for the rights of Africans, Nathalie must investigate the involvement of a Zimbabwean terrorist group.

But when a young colleague unearths a suspicious laboratory in eastern Java that may be producing biochemical weapons, Nathalie is immersed in a violent world of corruption and bioterrorism, which is closer to home than she thinks.